Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break @ Roll 2 Walk: Day 1

My Spring Break started with a more-than-amazing and completely euphoric performance by the RX Bandits on Sunday night! You cannot understand how much fun I had and how liberating it was to do it by myself. I love the RX Bandits and will be a fan for life.

Anyway, let's get down to business, shall we? What did I do yesterday? Well, I did the ANSR stuff with my legs, the total gym exercises, some standing and kneeling, rolling, bridges, some prone exercises and getting my shoulders and rotator cuffs back to normal. Yesterday was pretty low key, except Chad and I kept taking shots at each other but that's for a little later. The only new-ish thing was the rotator cuffs and shoulders and the prone exercises. Gray worked on depressing and retracting my shoulders and rotator cuffs to get them in the right place and to better their range of motion. He did some funky manipulating of my shoulders, especially on the left, that actually worked and made my shoulder feel better. It was as if he had magic hands, I swear. Each time he did a little manipulation I could get just a little bit better range, it was pretty cool and I must say I was impressed. My shoulders weren't aching after my workout and this morning I wasn't sore. I was completely surprised.

The prone exercises I did yesterday concentrated on my triceps and elongating my neck. There was one exercise where with my palms facing down I had to lift my hands off the ground, that's all triceps. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get my hands off the ground. The other exercises involved me reaching for my heels and keeping my neck neutral with my spine while retracting my shoulder blades. I had a lot to concentrate on but I got it done. After I did those exercises I did kneeling. I got frustrated with the balancing part of it yesterday because I couldn't find my balance at all and because my torso wanted to curve live a backwards C, I was seriously getting pissed. When I did the balancing on the total gym and the table I found my balance right away but when I was kneeling it just wouldn't happen. To make matters worse I was in front of a mirror so it kind of made me madder to see the backwards C in my torso. Once Chad decided I had had enough torture they put the box in front of me, except the box was shorter which meant I wasn't going to be on my elbows, I had to support myself with my arms straight, elbows locked. Now, I didn't support myself without help, Gray helped me keep my elbows locked while also flattening my fingers. After a while my right shoulder would get tired and I would relax it, well, when I did my right triceps would fire/spasm for some reason. Gray thought it was because when my hand was flat on the box the nerves in my palm were getting aggravated and that would trigger my triceps to spasm, I thought it was because my fingers had too much pressure on them which was hurting them and my triceps spasm was a reflex to the pain. Whatever it was, it really perplexed Gray.

I finished my workout with standing and to be perfectly honest I was spent. I was really tired and out of it. Chad said I looked bored, but in reality I was just exhausted. Exhausted from the workout and exhausted from taking shots at Chad. Why you may ask? Well, because he didn't answer any of my text messages Saturday or Sunday concerning going to the RX Bandits show. Turns out he changed his phone number and never told me, so I called him a jerk because it was jerk thing to do. Well, to make a long story short, he got me back quite a few times but I always had a come-back or two (which were way better than his, mind you, Gray would probably agree despite his bromance with Chad).

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