Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break @ Roll 2 Walk: Day 4

Lastly day four was a dousey(sp?). So much so that as I was leaving I fell over and hit my head on the wall, I don't know why I fell over, either I lost my balance or spasmed but this may explain why:

I did the range of motion with muscle stimulation and as I mention before I moved my legs on my own. I couldn't believe it until I actually saw myself bring my knee to my chest and catch Gray off guard. I'm still kind of perplexed, shocked, confused, excited… I don't know what to make of me moving my leg. I don't want to jump to any conclusions or get too excited because I've been disappointed before. I'm kind of in disbelief, also, like maybe it was a spasm and I just didn't know it, yet something tells me it was me connecting to my hip flexors and doing it myself. Hell, crazier things have happened, so why don't I believe what I saw and what I'm hearing? Je ne sais pas!

After the table stuff Chad and I did my core exercises; sit-ups, back extensions and half around the worlds (oblique exercises). I must of done close to 50 sit-ups and back extensions… although on some of the back extensions Chad screwed up and had me doing sit-ups. Next thing after those exercises I did some straight arm kneeling and then I got strapped into the bike. I like the bike, I like it because I can connect to my nerves while I'm doing it and because I get to a point where I'm connecting to it so much that I want to cycle faster but I can't so I keep pushing myself to get my muscles to working on their own.

So, after this week the money that was raised in December at my benefit and that has been donated since will almost be used up. I have enough for a single 2-hour session. I'm going to dip into my savings a little and my mom said she'd help pay for more sessions but that will only go so far. I don't like asking for money and I feel awkward about asking for donations but if you want to continue to reading entries about my legs moving on their own please Donate here. Just click on the donate button on the page, it's the same donate button from my benefit. It's much appreciated.

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