Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break @ Roll 2 Walk: Day 2

Well today was eventful. I did a new exercise that I can't wait to explain and tell y'all about all the cool stuff that happened when I did the exercise, but I'm going to keep you in suspense and tell y'all what led up to Chad and Gray starting this new exercise on me. But I got to hurry it up because one of my favorite shows will be on in 25 minutes and after that I got to take a shower.

Remember how I had mention in my Roll2Walk: Day 4 blog entry that Gray (not Greg) said while I'm doing my total gym exercise my legs remember how to walk, yada, yada, yada? (If you don't, refer to that blog entry and you'll know where I'm going) Well, the guys wanted to see what would happen on the recumbent bike. And that's not just the only crazy improvements and "sightings" that the guys have noticed. When I'm doing the rolling exercises there's a variation to it where Gray or Chad bring my legs (while my back is flat) side to side, they're called windshield wipers. Anyway, when I do those Gray has notice that my hip flexors and oblique muscles connect and do some of the work, which is insane and almost incomprehensible to me to the point where I don't believe it. Also, when Gray was working on my range of motion in my shoulders I had mention that on my right side that under my armpit I was feeling a dull pain and he mentioned that it may not be pain and in actuality it could be my Serratus on that side coming back to life, which would be super cool! Yeah, I'm kind of excited but also a little skeptical, but that's kind of in my nature, I don't get too excited about something just in case my expectations dashed.

Anyway, so because of the interesting developments when I do the total gym exercises Chad and Gray wanted to see what would happen if got my feet strapped into the recumbent bike. Well something pretty cool happened, with a little bit of help and a start my legs, I did a little bit of the cycling!! I KNOW! Isn't that cool!? I was trying my hardest to keep the movement going and every now and then I did and I'm totally stoked about it. Tomorrow or Thursday I'm going to do more of the bike and I'm really excited about that.

Other than that there wasn't much to talk about (probably because I only had a two hour workout scheduled), I did the ANSR, the total gym exercises and the wall exercises. The wall exercises and my shoulders were not cooperating with each other and I didn't last long on the wall. Sorry this entry's so short and brief; at least it has some incredible news in it.

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