Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break @ Roll 2 Walk: Days 3

Last two days of my Spring Break Roll 2 Walk sessions were AWESOME. Here's why:
The first thing I did was the range of motion with muscle stimulation. While Gray was moving my leg I apparently moved my leg on my own. I still don't believe it so it's hard for me to get excited. But anyway, Gray asked me if I was doing the movement with him, I said I was and he said I did it on my own. The movement was either bringing my knee to my chest from a full leg extension or it was just the opposite. I can't remember because I did both movements on my own and they WERE NOT spasms. I know it wasn't a fluke because I did it the next day and because I gave Gray goose bumps and he said he only gets goose bumps when something like me moving my legs on my own, happens. After my muscles in my leg and hip flexors got tired Gray would aggravate the sciatic nerve at the bottom of my foot just to see if he could give those muscles some juice. It worked for a little bit but Gray didn't want to tire my muscles out too much, plus he wanted to try some side-lying hip flexion and see if my muscles would do the work. When we did them my muscles initiated the movement but didn't do it all. Apparently the the position he was in to move my leg and at the same time aggravate my sciatic was like a freaky Karma Sutra position and if anyone had walked into the gym at that moment would question what was going on… I know I would.

The rest of my workout was kind of uneventful compared to what happened at the beginning of my workout. I did the total gym exercises and Gray said he could see that my legs and hips remember walking because as one leg extended the other hip would start to flex. And the problem I had the first week with my knee has somewhat gone away. The only time I start to get a little AD is when I'm sitting up working on my posture and balance. YAY! So, after the total gym I got on the vibrating table for the first time since January. I still don't totally believe or know what it's supposed to do or what I'm supposed to do while I'm on it. I know it's supposed to stimulate the nerves in my legs but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be feeling or doing other than trying to sit up straight and not lose my balance. That was pretty much it for day 3 other than standing in the standing frame.

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