Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Break @ Roll 2 Walk: the “Prequel”

It's Spring Break and I'm at Roll 2 Walk. But first a "prequel," well a short entry about my weekend two weeks ago at Roll 2 Walk.
Feb. 26 and 27, I did two three-hour workouts that basically focused on my posture and the problems I have with my shoulder girdle; that is all the muscles like the deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids, etc. that control my shoulders and shoulder blades. It wasn't all posture, I did the total gym workouts and basic ANSR exercises. And yes, there was a lot to talk about since my January appointments, but I'll leave that for last.
Gray (not Greg, I mistakenly called him Greg for a week and then some before I went on Roll 2 Walk's website to check his name… great reporting, oops, so sue me) and Chad were impressed to see that my posture had gotten since January. I mean it wasn't leaps and bounds better but it was a significant improvement. Good thing I've been able to work on it with my physical therapist, huh? But my posture still and probably will need working on for a while, at least until it I don't have to think about. Things like squeezing my shoulder blades together and elongating my neck are things that I have to think about doing when I'm in my chair and when I'm doing the exercises like the bridges, doing the total gym, kneeling, and standing.

Other than my posture we worked on my problems with my shoulders. We did some prone exercises with where I was on my elbows squeezing my shoulder blades together and doing a kind of push up on my elbows. Boy did I feel the burn after about 5 minutes. I mean shoulders were SCREAMING… nay, yelling at the top of their lungs. I was hurting a lot and Icy Hot was my friend the next morning. When I did the wall exercises the second day of my weekend I had a really hard time getting my back straight, shoulders against the wall and my neck straighter. Every now and then the muscles in my neck near my trachea would start to tighten up and choke/gag me; I got to say it was fun… not.
The best thing about the weekend was that I got to rub the fact that the Dallas Cowgirls got raped by the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs and my NOLA Saints won the Super Bowl in Chad's face! I told him I knew the Cowgirls weren't going see the Saints again in the playoffs and that the Saints would win the Super Bowl and I was right and with that I won the right to really rub it in. He even picked the Colts to win the Super Bowl and lost, I think, $400 to someone. I knew my Saints would win, how couldn't they? They had most of the nation (minus Indiana) rooting for them. I just got one thing to say: WHO DAT?!

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