Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roll2Walk: Day Three

Good news, the Icy Hot bath worked! I woke up this morning feeling like a new woman with shoulders and a neck that felt like heaven! Hooray! They hurt a little now so I'm probably going to put Icy Hot on tonight before I go to bed, just in case.

Today was a bit like day one without the assessment. Started with the range of motion plus muscle stimulation which is actually Active Nervous System Recruitment (ANSR). So what Chad and Greg are doing is acting as my nervous system while they put stress on my ligaments and bones to excite the nervous system and create spasms. While they do that I have to either help or resist what the movements that they are doing in order to reteach the nervous system to recognize the movement patterns and send signals to assist or resist the movements. Nifty, huh? It's helping my dysfunctional nervous system start to recognize what it's supposed to do. I should of been doing this when I was like 10, being the clumsy spazoid that I've been most of my life.

So, Greg went through the same movements we did the first two days but today he threw in some bridges and what he called Nazi Marches, I kid you not. When he was showing me what they were they actually looked like the Nazi high kick marches you see in old videos from WWII with a knee bending. He looked kind of ridiculous doing them now that I think about it. The bridges were where Greg would assist me in thrusting my pelvis to the ceiling. Before your dirty little minds get any ideas, think of a geriatric grandma getting a sponge bath. Yeah, I went there. Anyway, the object was to actively recruit my glutes, hamstrings and other muscles to lift my butt off the table. I felt a lot of muscle activity when I did that, it was so cool, it's hard to explain. As with the other range of motion exercises but mostly on my right side in my but and hamstrings. It's really encouraging to feel those muscles trying to do something and then hearing the trainers say I've the quickest reflexes they've ever seen and how they can see that I'm making that muscle to nerve to brain connection. May be I am the product of Wonder Woman and Stretch Armstrong, who knows?

We did the Total Gym exercises that Chad, Greg and I concluded that was aggravating my old knee injury (I dislocated my left knee cap playing soccer in '04) and giving my a little bit of AD. No big deal, though. But after that we went onto the floor and I did assisted sit ups, back extensions, half around the worlds (oblique exercises) and kayaking/rowing. I did three 25-15 rep sets of each and I probably could of done more it Chad hadn't said it was time to do kneeling. I was actually having fun doing those, I was kind of bummed when I had to stop. But kneeling had to be done before I got in the standing frame. I don't like kneeling because every time I do it I get dizzy and have to stop for five minutes and start all over again.

After I did the kneeling/dizzy dance three more times I got in the standing frame instead of free standing because they guys wanted to play it cool with my shoulders, which I did not complain about. The whole time I was in the standing frame I felt like I was leaning to one side so I just told Chad and Greg 'just call me The Leaning Tower of Pisa' and Chad says, "Ok, Pisa!" I think it's going to stick. That or 'the girl who almost puked in the standing frame' because I thought I was going to puke about 20 minutes into standing.

Tomorrow, if I get started on my blog earlier, I'll give my two cents about acupuncture and how I think it may be malarkey.

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