Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roll2Walk: Day Four

What a day! The guys changed things up on me. I was expecting to get on the table first and do the ANSR but instead they started me on the Total Gym then did kneeling then the table. Sneaky, sneaky those guys are. But I did really well today Greg was kind of impressed with how much I improved with my rolling and with what I was doing on the Total Gym.

I don't know if I explained what I do on the Total Gym or not. Well, I did but I called it a leg press. The Total Gym is used for active load bearing in a laying  position, but it's effective especially when I sit in a chair 24/7. Today was a little difficult starting off because my spasms made it difficult. It's been rainy all day and rainy weather usually makes my spasms more intense. By the way, spasms are involuntary muscle contractions that I wish I could turn off, but it doesn't work that way. Anyways, after my spasms cooled down Greg said that he could see that my muscles remember how to walk because every time he would unlock one knee the other leg would go through the motion as if it's going back. Just think of the way you walk and how as you plant one foot down the other leg is going backwards, that's what my legs were doing. It's crazy, incredible and really cool. 

Kneeling is starting to frustrate me because I seem to only be able to about 5-10 minutes before I start getting dizzy. That's not enough time to concentrate on making the connection to the muscles involved with it the motion. It really bums me out. Chad said it'll get better the more I do it but I won't be back until March during spring break and then summer after that. I guess there's not much I can do about it until I start going full time. 

After the third dizzy/nauseous spell I went on the table and the ANSR with the range of motion and some inner thigh and outer thigh squeezes. After those I did some rolling with Greg and he was really impressed with how much easier they were for me. I was too, frankly. I mean I just started Monday. And then we started something new for my triceps. The idea of it was to get my elbows locked without using my shoulder while my arm is up in the air and then do something like a bench press and Greg was the press except he was putting weight on my hand while he straddled me. It was a little cozy and had to shut my eyes. Thankfully we moved onto another exercise for my triceps, snow angels but with these I had to my palms up without rotating my arms and keep my biceps relaxed. It was hard to keep my biceps relaxed and resisting the urge to rotate my because for almost three years I've done exactly that to lock my arms. The left arm was a lot harder to do than the right and whenever my arm tried giving up I started talking to it or I would shake my head and start over again. I never talked my way out of it or thought I couldn't do the exercise, I just pushed through it. And when I switched back to my right arm I did more than I had on the first rep. I was seriously impressed with myself and how disciplined I was in relaxing the shoulder muscles I had to relax and then concentrating on using my triceps to lock my elbows. Then something really cool happened, I felt some deep muscles in my back contracting, and I felt my right lat coming to life. So Greg had me get on my stomach and do some exercises that would work those muscles. 

Greg and I had spent so much time on the table that we barely had time to stand. Today we did free standing and today I wasn't Pisa, I was standing straight and I was doing it right. It was pretty bad ass! 

It kind of sucks that tomorrow is going to be my last day for three months. I'm actually having a lot of fun doing this. To think of it, it's the most fun I've ever had exercising, besides playing soccer (which I never consider doing exercise, probably because I was having so much fun). Plus, there's something about Austin that I like. I think it's because it's like a mini New Orleans. Yeah, I could almost see myself living here... if it wasn't UT Longhorn country. But there's no place like LSU Tiger country in NOLA! ;) 

I'm going to sign off here and then tomorrow write two separate blogs. One about the acupuncture and the other about my last day. Stay tuned! 

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