Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Start of another Year

This almost a month late and I kind of have no reason for it being late. I mean I started school and my internship the week after I was in Austin, and they haven't been taking up a lot of my time… ok, maybe a little. I just kept putting it off, until now. This month's workout was very similar to last month but with marked improvement, specifically with my kneeling.

Monday felt like a really slow day, especially when I was doing my rolling exercises. It felt like I had done 200 of them, but in reality I had only done 20 or so. It just kept dragging on and on, although, now that I think of it, the whole day was slow. Anyway, once I was done with that we went to the floor and did core and kneeling exercises. While I was doing the kneeling, at one point it was 75 percent me, which is better than in December when I hardly had myself. But after Chad told me that I had myself my blood pressure (Bp) started dipping and then my shoulder started bugging me. I remember getting frustrated with myself at one point. We ended the day with standing (I think).

Tuesday was a lot smoother and less slow-motion-like. If I remember right we got on the table and then did standing. My notes say I had issues with my Bp dropping but it eventually got better but I don't remember if it did or not. What I do remember was kneeling being really good! I didn't have any Bp or shoulder issues. We eventually switched boxes and did squats – when I go from sitting on my legs to kneeling (next time I'll get a video of those). We did about four set of five and each set had about two really good squats where my glutes really fired and pushing me up to the kneeling position. After that Chad and I did core exercises and my wrist started bothering me. Turned out Chad had put a death grip on the grip glove making it cut into my wrist. We finished with working out on the TG. Shock of all shocks, I didn't sweat! That's because we the exercises slowly and shallow knee bends.

Wednesday was downright weird. Kneeling didn't feel right because something in my butt just felt off, like the muscles were out of place or there was a knot in my right butt check. The weirdness in my butt was sort of messing with my head so every time I did a squat it just got worse and worse, until I was like "screw it, I give up." Actually, I didn't say that, I thought it though. We did some other things and then ended doing wall exercises. OMG, they were horribly hard! Chad had me do three different motions and then hold them in three different static positions. My shoulders were screaming, burning and giving out on me with every second it had to hold them. I'm sure the grimacing faces that I was making were interesting to say the least.

Well, I don't know when I'll be going back, and how rusty I'll be. Yesterday, I was at physical therapy do some of the stuff Chad and I do and I was having trouble. Granted, I missed last week because of the weather. Plus, I've had a head cold since yesterday so that probably didn't help, either. At least I'm doing what I can at physical therapy, that's what counts the most.

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